We produce and export the highest quality tamarind juice concentrate from the reddish-brown tamarind (imli) fruit. It is utilized as a condiment to food preparations all throughout India. Tamarinds are hand-picked, boiled in water, then refined after being thoroughly cleaned. Additionally, to get the necessary tamarind juice concentrate, the fleshy, pulpy, ripe juice is fed into a vacuum concentrator.


All the nutritional and physiological advantages are present in high-quality imli or tamarind juice concentrate. We take care to preserve the fruit’s original flavour throughout the manufacturing process. Tamarind concentrate is a well-liked product all around the country because fresh tamarind is hard to come by year-round.

Expert Food technologists and high-quality processing standards at Shimla Hills ensure safe, practical, and delicious goods. Our Tamarind Juice Concentrate can be utilized as a base for the juice manufacturing company . The sour-fruity flavour of our tamarind concentrate is also applied in meals including soups, sauces, marinades, chutneys, and even some beverages.

The extracted mango pulp is a rich source of vitamin A, E and Selenium, which help to protect against heart disease and other such related ailments. Vitamin C in mango promotes a healthy immune system. Mangoes are also a rich source of potassium that can help reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

We offer Alphonso mango pulp and puree in natural and sweetened forms to meet the bulk industrial requirements of international clients. Fresh mangoes are harvested, allowed to ripen, and then processed using extremely precise scientific techniques. The pulped golden-yellow homogenous Alphonso mangoes are next inspected for quality before being hygienically packed into aseptic bags and cans. The produced mango puree is free from any type of cooked or added flavour.

Reddish brown viscous liquid
Characteristic of Tamarind
Fruity order of Tamarind
Total Soluble Solids
Minimum 65 brix
Fruity Acid Content as Tartaric Acid
Hazard Classification
Non Hazardous
Ingredient Statement 
Natural, 100% extract of tamarindus indica linn only
Specific Gravity
1.36 at 30 centigrade
FDA (USA) Status 
Generally recognized as safe (gras)
Shelf Life
More than one year at normal room temperature
50 kilogram food grade drums, 600 kgs per crated pallet, 12 drums per pallet, 20 pallets per 20' fcl (240 drums)
Normal conditions
Sauces, condiments, seasonings, fruit juice blends, acidifier, preservative, confectionary, syrups, health drink, etc.