Are you one of the concentrated juice manufacturers looking for coconut water concentrate ? Then behold, Shimla Hills’ coconut water concentrate features  a 100% natural coconut water. 


Coconut water concentrate is a highly concentrated, slightly hazy, yet transparent liquid. It is the end result of concentrated HTST pasteurisation of naturally existing liquid endosperms (coconut water) from fresh, mature coconuts.

Our premium concentrate contains all of the flavour and health benefits of coconut water in a convenient, concentrated form. The product can be used in a variety of food and beverage applications, such as a refreshing drink on its own or as a base for tropical drinks, smoothies, cocktails, broths, or marinades. The product can be simply blended with a variety of other flavours without altering the desired flavour or colour of the completed product.

With quality standards ensured, we at Shimla Hills- an eminent Fruits Juice Concentrates Supplier, are the perfect choice for your coconut water concentrate requirements.


  • Colour and appearance: Yellowish to light brown translucent liquid  
  • Taste and odour: Typical of natural coconut water 
  • Shelf Life: Stable up to 12 months.
  • Storage: 20 – 260 degrees C at 20 – 50 relative humidity.
  • Packing: Bulk: 20L cans, 200L Drums, 1000L IBC
  • Mixing Ratio: 1:18 
  • Additives: Absent
  • pH: 4.7 – 5.4
  • Brix: 73.0- 75.0
  • Acidity: 0.4 – 1.0