We are driven by our desire and commitment towards revolutionizing the food and beverage industry with the highest quality of premium ingredients. That’s why our dedicated quality team oversees the entire supply chain, from harvesting till delivery.


Our Quality Lab

A UV spectrophotometer has been imported from US, specifically for analyzing the colour of product (pulp, puree and concentrate) and to see if it matches the accurate colour particularity. A record of which is available for clients reference anytime needed.

Digital Refractometer is used for finding the precise BRIX value and we are one of the pioneers in using this instrument in India.

Laboratory Scale Homogenizer is used for simulation of the juice preparation using pulp with different recipes as per the customer requirement. This instrument is also required for stability and shelf life study of the product.

Physical and Chemical Lab checks the products for various parameters by taking samples every one hour. The readings are recorded in Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) format and sent for client reference on request.

Organoleptic Lab undertakes organoleptic test that is based on a ‘ten scale procedure’ which includes a detailed sensory examination for finished products.

Microbiological Lab is well-appointed with latest equipment and a team of highly qualified microbiologists overseeing work there.

Quality Procedures

Plant production and operations are done according to HACCP standards.

The food safety and quality are made sure through Critical Control Points (CCP).

Quality starts right from the farm. Regular surveys are done to check the plantations and the fruit from time to time.

A robust traceability system that involves forward traceability and backward traceability has been kept in place for fruits coming to factory and the proces-sed products.

On the day of production fully ripened, matured and blemish free pulp is used for production.

Fruits pass through a 3-stage washing cycle to ensure it is free from any microbio-logical and physical impurities.

A meticulous quality is ensured through triple check mechanism.

Fruit ripening through government approved Ethylene system as against commonly used Carbide ripening.

Every 48 hours, CIP record is taken to ensure the sterility of the manufacturing plants, working stations and the machi-nery.

Hygiene, jewelry and glass policies are stringently adhered to.

Separate hygiene stations and appro-priate working gears are provided to the team involved in production.

The manufacturing facility is cleaned every day, while a written record of the same is duly maintained.

Samples from finished products and the fruits selected randomly from the farms are sent to external labs for testing

Warehouses are located at most strategic locations for quick transpor-tation through air, water and land.

The finished goods are packed in best packaging material to guarantee quality that remains same as it was during production.

Temper evident seals with full traceability and superior quality MS drums with high gauge are used for packaging.

Goglio fresco bags are used for aseptic filling of pulp. This ensures the quality remains intact till it

The finished product is hygienically stored at warehouse at ambient temperature and transported using proper transportation management from the farms till its final destination.

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