Require the best-quality Passion Fruit Juice Concentrate? Look no further!

Delicious purple and yellow passion fruits are used to make the juice concentrate we produce. In addition to being a good source of potassium and iron, potassium and vitamin A and C-rich passion fruit concentrate is also loaded with cancer-preventive compounds.


All over Northeast India, passion fruit is a plentiful crop. Shimla Hills has established a producing facility in this region of the country to take advantage of the geographic richness. We have industrial-sized juice extraction and processing tools that are especially made to keep passion fruit’s freshness, healthfulness, and distinctive features. Passion fruit is screened, examined, washed, and then sent for the extraction process in the manufacture of passion fruit juice concentrate, which is done in accordance with high quality standards.

After centrifuging, air is removed from the juice of the passion fruit to prolong its shelf life, and then it is pasteurized.

With the aid of cutting-edge systems that help remove the juice’s water content at low temperatures, the juice is transformed into passion fruit juice concentrate. The appropriate Brix level is subsequently achieved by canning the processed passion fruit concentrate. We manufacture and export the highest quality passion fruit juice concentrate at Shimla Hills, which is used to create mouthwatering sauces, sweets, candy, ice cream, sherbet, icing for cakes and pies, cold fruit soup, and even alcoholic beverages. Thus making it a high-demand product for industries like juice manufacturers / juice manufacturing company among many others.

In cutting-edge processing facilities, the fruit is mashed, homogenized, and then concentrated to create the puree concentrate. Our banana puree concentrate can never fail to dazzle, whether it is added to dairy products, jams, jellies, beverages, sauces, bread goods, or other similar food preparations.

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Pineapple concentrate can be used in the making of drinks, beverages, baked goods, cereal based products, yoghurt, ice creams, herbal remedies, desserts, salads, compotes, pies, puddings and even as a garnish on hams and sauces.

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Total Soluble Solids % TSS at 20° C
50±1 degree brix
6.1 to 10.2
1.6 to 4.0
Foreign Matter
Taste & Flavor
Yellowish Brown
Net Weight
248 KG
Aseptic Bags of 200 Liters and Food Grade Drums 70 Drums per 20 FCL
Gross Weight
267 KG
Shelf Life
2 Years, Microbial