IQF Carrot Dices

Carrots are a favourite among people of all ages since they are tasty, crisp, and really delectable. Carrots once more grab attention from a nutritional standpoint thanks to their strong antioxidant, fibre, beta carotene, vitamin, and potassium contents. Regular carrot consumption has been shown to improve eye health and lower cholesterol levels. Carrot dice of the highest calibre are available from Shimla Hills frozen. In addition to being delicious, our IQF carrot dice also offer a number of health advantages.  


Our IQF carrot dices are made from freshly harvested carrots that have an even orange colour and crisp texture. As soon as the packaging is slit open, you can taste the distinctive flavour of crispy carrots. These carrot dice pair well with practically every type of salad. For an even sweeter flavour, you may roast them in the oven with honey or even caramelise them with some sugar.

Carrots are thoroughly washed with water to remove all dirt and debris before being cut into dice. To produce IQF carrot dice, washed and dry carrots are first lightly peeled, then cut into dice and frozen. To guarantee that carrot cubes remain in good shape, packaging is done appropriately.