Jalapeno- Red/ Green IQF

Using jalapenos, create a spicy flavour sensation in dishes!

Jalapenos are recognized for their exceptional spiciness, which makes them a valuable ingredient in spicily delicious dishes. You may enjoy the crispy, searing flavour of jalapenos with IQF jalapenos thanks to Shimla Hills, a reputable source of frozen jalapenos.


Jalapeno is a medium-sized chilly pepper pod with solid, palatable green flesh. We guarantee to deliver top-notch jalapenos that excel in terms of taste, flavour, and general quality standards. Only the most vibrantly green, recently harvested jalapenos are chosen, washed, and dried before being sliced into little chunks. To get IQF jalapenos, the product is subsequently individually quick frozen. Our frozen jalapenos can be used in a variety of dishes. You may just infuse them into chilly oils, bake them into egg recipes, or consume them raw.

Even when stuffed into juicy, tender meat, these are delicious. If you want to unleash the true chef in you, you might come up with even more creative cuisines that use jalapenos as an ingredient. The fiery, crunchy jalapenos may work culinary wonders in a plethora of cuisines. Simply give them a shot!


Origin    :  India

Color      : Green

Shape    : Sliced/Cubes

Flavour : Perfectly Mature Jalapeno