Coriander Seeds

One of the World’s Leading Coriander Seeds Suppliers- Shimla Hills

Shimla Hills is one of the leading non-GMO coriander seeds suppliers based in India, supplying corriander seeds that pack food with flavour and make cuisines delicious, across the globe.

Shimla Hills has been successfully producing high- quality coriander seeds and exporting them around the world. The seeds have become a preferred flavouring agent and its grounded form can be used as thickening agent for curries as well.

We bring to you, quality coriander which is a fragrant spice having mild, distinctive taste similar to a blend of lemon and sage. Coriander is used in Indian curries, gin, American cigarettes, and sausages. Moreover, these quality seeds provided by Shimla Hills have a good medicinal value.

As one of the most reliable coriander seeds suppliers, Shimla Hills does not compromise on their seed quality, we promise to maintain the standards of our packaging. These seeds are packed with utmost care in P.P bags ensuring that the moisture content is controlled and spoilage is avoided. With their brilliant flavour and fragrant aroma, the coriander seeds from Shimla Hills, a top-notch coriander seeds supplier in India, are sure to boost the taste of any cuisine.

Plant source Coriander, (Coriandrum sativum L.)
Plant Part Whole Seed
Plant Variety CDC Linalool variety, high essential oil type
Color Light Brown to Brown
Flavor Aromatic, typical
Origin Product of India
GMO Status Produced from Non GMO Seed
Proximate Analysis :
Moisture 12 % Max
Admixture 2% Max
Physical :
Purity> 97% Pure Seed
Broken 5% Max
Packaging :
Type of Bags Quantity
P. P. Bag 55.12 lb/ 25 kg or 88.18 lb / 40 kg
Container :
Type of Container Quantity
20 Feet 8 -9 Metric Ton

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