Sesame Seeds

Shimla Hills: One of the Renowned Sesame Seeds Exporters

Sesame seeds have the highest oil content in comparison to other oilseeds used in the food industry. They have a strong, nutty flavour and are the most widely used oilseeds.

Shimla Hills, as one of the most trusted sesame seeds exporters, offers various sesame seeds products for a variety of gourmet preparations. They are Sesame Seeds Hulled, Sundried, Sortexed and dried. These flavourful seeds can be used as a spice, can be consumed raw and their oil can be used for frying and general cooking purposes.


Our robust supply-chain management is able to serve many nations across the world.

Shimla Hills takes extraordinary precautions to guard against sesame seeds going bad. Furthermore, it also recognizes the needs of the customers and provides them with the choice to opt between paper, PP bags, or jute bags for packaging.

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ProductSesame Seeds Hulled, Sundried, SortexedSesame Seeds Hulled, Autodried, SortexedSesame Seeds Hulled, Autodried, Sortexed
OriginGujarat, India
AdmixtureSun Dried: 0.05%Mechanical Dried: 0.05%Mechanical Dried: 0.03%
FFA1 % Max
Moisture5.5% Max
Packing25 Kgs / 50 Lbs/15Kgs Paper/ Jute / PP Bags or as per customer requirement
Quantity19 MTs per 20 feet container