Premium Quality Millets Made Available at Discounted Rates

Small-seeded millets are commonly referred to as cereal crops and are a common crop in India. The millets are noted for being healthy for the digestive system and providing immediate high energy. They are utilised for both human consumption and as fodder. Shimla Hills provides millets of the highest quality in bulk packaging, ready for export to any country in the world, at affordable prices.


We offer the highest quality yellow millets with a longer shelf life and extraordinarily high nutritional content. Our millets have a maximum moisture level of 14% and are completely safe to eat. The pleasantly dazzling golden colour and healthy texture of our millets gives an indication of their freshness.

Our expanding market recognition as a top millet supplier paints a better image of the superior quality we provide to our clients. Additionally, we provide our hygienically manufactured millet at affordable costs in premium packaging so that our clients throughout the world may feel its utmost freshness. Additionally, modern methods are used to process the millet with a focus on keeping the nutrients intact. Before certifying millet suitable for human consumption, our food technologists thoroughly assess the grain on a number of quality criteria.

There is no reason to search further when millet of such excellent quality is available at such a low cost. Order in large quantities from us as soon as feasible!

14% Max.
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24 Mtons/20′ FCL