Premium Bulk Tomato Paste Solutions

Shimla Hills’ Premium Bulk Tomato Paste Solutions for B2B Partners

The secret to producing exceptional culinary experiences in the food industry is the choice of ingredients. With pride, Shimla Hills, an India-based food processing company, presents its Premium Bulk Tomato Paste – a gourmet treat for judicious business-to-business associates.

Crafting Excellence: The Art of Shimla Hills’ Tomato Paste Production

Shimla Hills offers Premium Bulk Tomato Paste to both domestic and global markets. Made from premium tomatoes grown in India’s major tomato-growing states, our bulk tomato paste (or tomato puree concentration) is a testament to purity, quality, and exceptional flavour. Our culinary experts follow a methodical procedure to turn sun-ripened, high-quality tomatoes into a concentrated puree. This ensures the final product offers unmatched flavour, colour, and richness, showcasing our dedication to quality.

Our meticulous selection of mature tomatoes, sourced from India’s primary tomato-growing regions, marks the first step in our pursuit of culinary perfection. To inactivate the enzymes, these tomatoes go through a carefully planned series of steps that include picking, washing, crushing, and blanching. This guarantees the elimination of any foreign material, like skin and seeds. After the removal of unwanted tomato parts, the experts further prepare the tomatoes for the concentration stage.

Shimla Hills uses advanced tomato processing methods that put quality first at every stage. With our state-of-the-art techniques, we hope to maintain the tomatoes’ natural richness, vivid colours, and true flavours. The resulting exquisite premium tomato paste testifies to our commitment to providing unmatched taste and quality.

Why Choose Our Bulk Tomato Paste?

Shimla Hills’ bulk tomato paste stands out for its authentic flavour, richness, and versatile applications. This assures that it imparts a palatable essence to a wide range of recipes.  Here are some more reasons to choose our bulk tomato paste:

Preserved Inherent Richness of Tomatoes:

Our experts ensure they strictly select tomatoes for their ripeness and high quality. Further, tomatoes undergo a rigorous process while protecting the inherent richness and flavour of natural tomatoes. Due to this, our product adds natural tomato flavour to a variety of recipes.

Standard Techniques for Maximum Quality:

To fully realise the potential of premium tomatoes, we use standard techniques that emphasized excellence. With a conscious effort to preserve the flavours and colours of the tomatoes, our specialists blanch, crush, and process the selected tomatoes. To make room for the following phase of our artisanal process, enzyme deactivation is necessary. It ensures the removal of any unnecessary components, such as skin and seeds.

Advanced Processing for Superior Quality & Flavour:

Our advanced tomato processing methods produce a tomato paste that is superior in both flavour and quality. Our painstaking technique preserves the essence of the natural tomatoes in a concentrated form. So, when the finished product is produced, it delivers the gastronomic perfection.

Processing for Superior Quality & Flavour

Versatility in Every Pack:

Our tomato paste is put into huge aseptic containers so it can be used as a secret ingredient in a variety of recipes. It promises to enhance any dish it graces because of its superior quality, thick consistency, and strong fruit content. It’s perfect for soups, stews, sauces, and a variety of other dishes.

A Nutritious Supplement Beyond Taste:

Besides amazing taste, our tomato paste also offers several health benefits. Tomato consumption has been associated in scientific research with a lower incidence of heart attacks, heart strokes, and cardiovascular disorders. Furthermore, tomato products’ high lycopene content benefits skin health by acting as a natural sunburn defence.

Your Reliable Culinary Excellence Partner:

Being a top provider of tomato paste, Shimla Hills takes pride in ensuring that our tomato paste is of the highest calibre and is packaged with care. Beyond the food itself, there is a strong emphasis on delivering an exceptional culinary work of art to business-to-business partners.


On selecting Premium Bulk Tomato Paste Solutions from Shimla Hills, our business-to-business partners not only set off on a gastronomic adventure of distinction, but they also make a positive impact on the eco-system. Thanks to our fair-trade policies, we share a mutual respect for society and communities around the globe. Being a trusted tomato paste supplier in India, we guarantee that our bulk tomato paste reaches our partners in the best condition as it leaves our facility.

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