Tomato Paste or tomato puree concentration is crafted from high-quality tomatoes cultivated in India’s primary tomato-growing regions. To deactivate the enzymes, the matured tomatoes are picked, washed, crushed, and blanched in a sequence of procedures. The foreign content of tomato paste, such as the skin and seeds, is eliminated before it is processed through a concentrating machine to lower the water content via evaporation.


We employ distinctive tomato processing techniques to manufacture puree concentration which help us retain the flavour, colour, and richness of tomatoes in the Tomato Paste / Tomato Puree Concentrate.

The concentrated tomato puree (Tomato Paste) is then put into big aseptic containers. Our tomato paste can be used in soups, stews, sauces, and a variety of other recipes due to its high quality, thick consistency, and fruit content.

When it comes to health benefits, a tomato has a plethora. Consumption of tomatoes or tomato products has been related to a lower risk of cardiovascular illnesses, heart strokes, and heart attacks in studies. Furthermore, tomato products are high in lycopene, which is good for skin health. It also aids in the prevention of sunburn. 

Shimla Hills, one of the leading tomato paste suppliers, guarantees premium quality and top-notch packaging when you get tomato puree concentrate.

Total Soluble Solids  TSS 
Minimum 28° Brix
Acidity (as citric acid)
1.6 ± 0.3 W/W
< 4.4
228Kg Aseptic Bags
Taste & Flavor
Minimum 1.8
Shelf Life
18 months from the date of production under above mentioned storage conditions