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Healthy Recipes for this Mango Season

Summers are incomplete without indulging in mangoes, and it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that it’s the most-loved fruit around the world, especially the Indian Mango. It’s a bright yellow stone fruit that is naturally sweet, and several different varieties of mangoes are available around the Indian subcontinent alone. Mangoes are delicious when consumed raw – the mango pulp is juicy, slightly fuzzy, and soft – but they can also be turned into delightful drinks, desserts, and even savoury dishes, all Thanks to its wonderful flavour that is enticing in almost every form.

As food and beverage manufacturers, you can capitalize on the mango season and create healthy and refreshing products for your consumers. By incorporating mango puree, or aseptic puree into your product range, you can create a wide variety of healthy and delicious offerings that capture the true essence of this mango season; especially with the rising demand for natural and nutritious options, incorporating mango into your product offerings can be a winning strategy.

Here are a few recipes/product suggestions for your Food and Beverage Manufacturing business that’ll help you win hearts over:

Mango Fruit Cups: Create single-serve mango fruit cups that contain perfectly diced mango pieces. These cups- which are one of the most delicious ways of enjoying the mango fruit can be consumed as a healthy and refreshing snack on the go or added to breakfast bowls and smoothies for an extra burst of tropical flavour.

Mango Fruit Cups

Shimla Hills offers mango dices and mango juice concentrate that can help you create this delicious offering.

Mango Chutney / Dip: Prepare a tangy and sweet mango chutney that pairs well with various dishes. This versatile condiment can be used as a dip, spread, or accompaniment in many preparations as it enhances the flavours of sandwiches, grilled meats, or Indian-inspired cuisine. Shimla Hills mango puree can be used in the manufacturing of this product offering.

Mango Yoghurt: Develop mango-flavoured yoghurt cups that combine the creamy goodness of yoghurt with the tropical sweetness of mango. This ready-to-eat snack packs a nutritious option for consumers who are seeking a balance between taste and health. Mango dices are an excellent choice for the creation of this offering.

Mango Sorbet: Craft refreshing mango sorbets that offer a dairy-free and lighter alternative to ice cream. These frozen treats are perfect for hot summer days! Your consumers can enjoy this as a yummy dessert or use it as a base for creative mango-dessert recipes.

Mango Energy Bars: Create mango-flavoured energy bars that provide a healthy and convenient snack option for active individuals. Packed with nutrients and the natural sweetness of mango, these bars offer a boost of energy while satisfying hunger cravings.

Mango Fruit Popsicles: Produce mango fruit popsicles that are made with real fruit and contain no artificial additives. These frozen treats are a hit among both children and adults, providing a refreshing and guilt-free way to beat the summer heat.

Mango Beverages: Harness the natural sweetness and refreshing taste of Shimla Hills’ mangoes to create a range of ready-to-drink mango beverages. From classic mango juices to mango smoothies and mocktail/cocktail syrups, these mango drinks can be packaged in convenient bottles for your consumers.

Mango Fruit Cups

Use Mango Pulp, and Mango Puree Concentrate and create delightful and thirst-quenching experiences for your consumers.

Come, embrace this mango season, and delight your consumers with Shimla Hills’ irresistible mango-infused creations that exemplify the taste of summer. From refreshing beverages to wholesome snacks, let mango be the star ingredient in your healthy product line-up using the high-quality fruit pulp, puree, and concentrates offered by the company.

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