largest exporter of mango pulp in India

Which is the largest exporter of mango pulp in India?

If you’re in the food and beverage manufacturing industries and looking for the largest exporter of mango pulp in India, your search ends here. Shimla Hills is a renowned manufacturer and exporter of fruits and vegetables-based raw materials, specializing in providing high-quality mango pulp and other related products.

Who is Shimla Hills?

Shimla Hills is a company that has been operating since 2007, offering a wide range of fruit and vegetable-based products to the food and beverage manufacturing industries. They have built a strong reputation for their dedication to quality and their capacity to meet the individual requirements of their customers. With an extensive product portfolio that includes fruit purees, vegetable purees, fruit puree concentrates, fruit juice concentrates, (Individually Quick Frozen) IQF fruits & vegetable dices, and more, Shimla Hills has become a one-stop solution for businesses in the industry.

The Mango Pulp Advantage

Among their many offerings, Shimla Hills specializes in the production and export of mango pulp. Mango pulp is a flexible component that may be used in a variety of dishes and drinks, including juices, smoothies, desserts, ice creams, yoghurts, and bakery goods. Mango pulp is a very sought-after product in the industry because of the fruit’s sweetness, colour, and nutritional content..

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Why Choose Shimla Hills?

Uncompromising Quality

Shimla Hills is committed to delivering products of the highest quality. They source their mangoes from trusted farmers in the Southern regions of India and ensure that each fruit is carefully hand-selected and processed under strict quality control measures. The result is a mango pulp that retains the natural goodness and flavour of fresh mangoes, providing an authentic taste experience to consumers.

Advanced Infrastructure

With advanced processing facilities across Southern India, Shimla Hills maintains excellent manufacturing standards. Their facilities are equipped with advanced machinery and technology that enables them to process large quantities of mangoes efficiently. This ensures a consistent supply of high-quality mango pulp to meet the demands of its clients, both in India and internationally.

Extensive Global Reach

Shimla Hills has established a strong global presence and is currently exporting its products to over 50 countries worldwide. Their extensive network of distribution channels enables them to reach customers in different parts of the globe, providing them with access to premium mango pulp and other fruit-pulp products. This global reach also allows Shimla Hills to stay updated with international trends and preferences, ensuring that its offerings are in line with market demands.

Customer-Centric Approach

One of the key factors contributing to Shimla Hills’ success is its customer-centric approach. They understand the unique requirements of their clients and offer customized solutions tailored to their specific needs. Whether it’s bulk packaging, private labelling, or product customization, Shimla Hills goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, when it comes to being the largest exporter of mango pulp in India, Shimla Hills is a name that stands out. With their unwavering commitment to quality, state-of-the-art infrastructure, extensive global reach, and customer-centric approach, they have positioned themselves as a trusted partner for the food and beverage manufacturing industries worldwide. If you’re in search of the Top Fruit Puree Manufacturer In India, Shimla Hills should be your top choice. Learn more about them by visiting

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