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ShimlaHills Newsletter – A Glimpse into the Last Quarter of 2023

Greetings from Shimla Hills,

As we begin the new year full of positivity and new hopes, we bring another addition to the ShimlaHills Newsletter to share the reflections of the last quarter of 2023. From delivering our premium natural offerings to the global clientele and participating in the esteemed Anuga Food Fair in Germany to celebrating our achievements with our team, the last three months of the previous year were nothing short of enthusiastic. Read on to look at the fascinating tales of our journey so far.

Anuga Food Fair 2023

Anuga Food Fair 2023

With our participation in Anuga Food Fair 2023 - from October 7 through October - we not just showcased our premium product range. We also got a plethora of global networking opportunities along with the insights of reputed industry leaders. Surrounded by the experience and knowledge of food industry experts and fellow aficionados at the food trade show, we entrenched invaluable connections in the global food and beverage community. This international presence also strengthened our resolve to stay at the forefront of innovation while catering to the ever-changing requirements of our clients.

Ready-to-Cook Base Gravies Dips & Sauces

Extending Our Selection with Ready-to-Cook Base Gravies Dips & Sauces

Our subsidiary company, ShimlaRed, launched Ready-to-Cook Base Gravies and a delicious range of Dips and sauces at the beginning of November 2023. These culinary creations are likely to revolutionise the culinary landscape. Picture having at your disposal the tastes of Pizza and pasta Sauce, Schezwan Sauce, Rogan Josh sauce, Bhuna Masala Gravy, Yellow Gravy, Red Gravy, Butter Chicken Gravy, and White Gravy. These additions demonstrate our commitment to providing a variety of tasty, practical, and convenient solutions, reinforcing our passion for culinary innovation. The newest products from ShimlaRed will surely liven up your kitchen!

Diwali Bash: Spreading Joy Across Our Teams

Early celebrations of Diwali – the festival of lights – truly lit up Shimla Hills. Our teams from South India, Noida, and Shimla celebrated together, transcending geographical boundaries. The Diwali Bash was a communal festival rather than a mere event.

The delightful times spent on this special occasion were made much more enjoyable by the unexpected gift baskets – provided by our organisation. The souvenirs were more than just presents; they were a material representation of the unity that is the core of Shimla Hills Offerings Pvt. Ltd. By cultivating these relationships, we fortify our ties and together add to the dynamic atmosphere that sets Shimla Hills apart as a place of employment

Welcoming Christmas and Anticipating a Fruitful 2024

With heartfelt gratitude, we collectively celebrated Christmas and New Year’s Eve. This joyous time of year was not only a time to rejoice but also to contemplate and look forward to the following year. Anticipating 2024, we are most excited about producing outstanding mango crops.

We’re also all geared up for participating in the upcoming Gulf Food, the biggest food trade show in Dubai, held at the Dubai World Trade Centre. This prestigious event offers us another great opportunity to network with industry insiders while paving the way for a successful 2024.

Stay Tuned for Exciting Developments in 2024

As this year unfolds, we are poised for more innovation and expansion. Stay tuned for the latest updates on forthcoming events, interesting industry viewpoints, and new product releases. We are thankful for your steadfast trust in Shimla Hills and your consistent collaboration with us. We hope to achieve new heights of achievement while making enduring memories together, as we navigate the way ahead. 

Best Regards,

Shimla Hills Team


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