Journey Through the Seasons

Bringing You the Juiciest Updates from the Past Three Months

Greetings, Fruit Enthusiasts!

As we embrace the autumn winds, we are pleased to bring you the latest edition of the Shimla Hills Chronicles. The past three months have been a frenzy of flavours and events, from saying a sweet farewell to the mango season to welcoming the lively guava season and taking part in the large Anu Food Exhibition India.

Closing of the Mango Season: A Bittersweet Farewell

In July, we wrapped up a fantastic mango season, where the lusciousness of our processed Alphonso, Kesar, Totapuri, and other mango varieties delight the taste buds of consumers all across the globe. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our customers for making the mango season a resounding success. While mangoes have temporarily taken a hiatus, fear not, they will return next year with an even greater array of mouthwatering flavours. However, you can still relish your favourite mangoes in the form of our processed products, such as mango purees, mango pulps, and IQF mango slices/dice.

A Juicy Arrival to the Guava Galore

In August, we ushered in the vibrant and tangy guava season as the mango season gracefully took its leave. The guava season blessed us with a kaleidoscope of delicious and vivid guavas, from juicy pink to cool white varieties. Prepare yourself to enjoy the tastiest guavas, brimming with tropical sweetness. Don’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy this distinctive flavour profile available at Shimla Hills in the form of guava pulp, puree, juice concentrate, and slices/dice.


Anu Food India Extravaganza: Our Delectable Journey


During the amazing season-high point, we gladly participated in the esteemed Anu Food Exhibition, India festival. Our booth was a tapestry of aromas and colours, displaying our premium range of processed fruits/vegetables and tomato-based products – Tomato Paste, Tomato Puree, Tomato Ketchup, and Snack Sauce – from ShimlaRed.  This event was an excellent experience that we will treasure, from interesting interactions with like-minded enthusiasts to learning about the most recent trends in the business. We want to thank everyone who visited us and experienced the joy of our high-quality goods.

Anu Food 2023

Looking Ahead: A Glimpse into October

As we enter the vibrant month of October, we’re revving up for our participation in the 2023 Anuga Food Fair in Cologne, Germany, and we’re eagerly anticipating sharing the latest highlights from this global event. Keep a watch out for interesting announcements, new additions to our fruit family, and much more as we continue to bring you the freshest and tastiest fruits from different parts of our homeland, as well as other regions across the globe.


With fruity regards,

The Shimla Hills Team