Trusted Global B2B Fruit Puree/Pulp Partner

Shimla Hills : Your Trusted Global B2B Fruit Puree/Pulp Partner

Pioneering the artistry of food processing, Shimla Hills has solidified its position as a dependable global B2B partner. Renowned for its premium processed fruit puree/pulp offerings, the company has etched its name in the industry with its innovation, ethical practices, and unwavering commitment to excellence. Comprehensive quality control procedures ensure that every processed fruit puree bearing Shimla Hills’ name is the epitome of unwavering perfection, from the orchard to the final product.

Certified Excellence

Certified Excellence:

At Shimla Hills, we're proud of our dedication to fulfilling and surpassing global quality standards. The USFDA, IOPEPC, FSSAI, Export House, APEDA, Absolute Quality, APMC, and One Star certifications, among others, attest to our unwavering commitment to producing products of the highest calibre. Our devotion to strict quality control procedures is reflected in these certificates. These certifications guarantee that our clients obtain fruit purees that are not only delicious but also safe and healthy for consumption.

Advanced Production Technology:

A big part of our success comes from the way we employ state-of-the-art production technologies. Shimla Hills uses cutting-edge techniques to prepare a wide range of fruit purees. Our extensive range of fruit purees/pulps includes mango, pineapple, papaya, banana, guava, and more. Modern technology ensures that artificial colouring, preservatives, and additives are eliminated without sacrificing the fruit’s original flavour. Our commitment to excellence makes our fruit purees the ideal choice for anyone seeking a natural and wholesome method to enhance the flavour of a range of dishes.

A Global Reach:

As a global fruit puree manufacturer, Shimla Hills is proud to serve a variety of markets across continents. We ship our processed fruit purees/pulps to more than 50 nations throughout the globe, from the bustling markets of Japan to the gourmet hotspots of Europe and the huge expanses of America. Our premium fruit pulp’s broad appeal and our partners’ faith in us are the reasons for our global reach.

Healthy Choices for Culinary Excellence:

Shimla Hills stands as a wellness icon in a world where making healthy decisions is crucial. Our processed fruit purees/pulps—devoid of chemicals, artificial colouring, and preservatives—offer a healthier substitute for those who enjoy cooking. Our purees are a dependable partner for seasonal chefs creating excellent dishes in the HORECA sector, giving the goodness of natural fruit flavour without compromising health.

Fruit Purees in Various Recipes

Applications of Our Fruit Purees in Various Recipes

Premium fruit purees/pulps from Shimla Hills are versatile ingredients that improve the taste and presentation of a variety of dishes. They are expertly and precisely made. Our fruit purees enhance tastes and add a touch of fruity sweetness to a variety of recipes, ranging from savoury to sweet desserts.
Let's now examine the several ways that our fruit purees/pulps might be used in mouthwatering recipes:
1. Bakery Delights, such as Mango Cheesecake, Banana Bread, and more.
2. Beverages and Cocktails like Pineapple Mojito, Guava Smoothie, and more.
3. Sauces and Dressings - Mango Salsa, Papaya Vinaigrette, and more.
4. Desserts - Pineapple Sorbet, Mixed Fruit Popsicles, and more.
5. Yogurt and Ice Cream - Mango Yogurt Parfait, Strawberry Ice Cream, and more.
6. Main Courses - Chicken in Mango Curry Sauce, Papaya Glazed Salmon, and more.
7. Confectionery - Papaya and Coconut Truffles, Fruit-filled Macarons, and more
8. Cocktail Mixers - Passion Fruit Martini Mixer and other tropical cocktails.


Shimla Hills is not just a company that processes food; it is also a trustworthy partner in culinary excellence. Our commitment to health, our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, our global reach, our certifications, and our sustainable practices set us apart in the fruit puree/pulp production industry. Join us on a journey where the flavours of Shimla Hills will enchant everyone around you, one processed fruit puree/pulp at a time.

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