Shimla Hills Corn on Cob

Shimla Hills Corn on Cob: From Snacks to Staples

Ladies and gentlemen, food aficionados and explorers, you might know corn as a crunchy snack, but did you know it’s also a culinary chameleon, adapting to various cuisines and playing a crucial role in the food industry? From ancient civilizations to modern times, corn has evolved into a culinary cornerstone. In fact, corn’s versatility wasn’t just luck; it was its knack for adapting that made it the star it is today.

Corn isn’t just about taste – it’s packed with goodness too! As a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals, it offers a nutritious punch that can’t be ignored. At Shimla Hills, we know that corn on cob isn’t just a treat for the taste buds; it’s also a boon for your health. The balance between whole and processed corn products showcases the spectrum of choices that cater to various dietary preferences.

COOKING THE CORN? Oh, the possibilities are endless! Shimla Hills knows that traditional recipes are a comforting treasure, but who can resist elevating them? Add a sprinkle of creativity, a dash of innovation, and voilà – you’ve got a culinary masterpiece. Imagine biting into a fusion dish where corn on cobs merges seamlessly with global flavours. It’s an experience that Shimla Hills has been a part of, crafting delightful journeys on each plate.

Corn on Cob

• Preparing corn on the cob offers a delightful array of culinary possibilities, with methods ranging from classic frying, boiling, and roasting to the smoky essence of grilling and the tender embrace of baking. Whether you opt to keep the corn snug within its protective husk or unveil its golden kernels for a more direct approach, the options are as versatile as they are appetizing.

• Grilling corn on the cob presents a choice between two distinct techniques: either embracing its husk or unveiling its vibrant kernels. For the former, the husk acts as a natural insulator, infusing the corn with a lush, earthy flavour. Alternatively, should you prefer to indulge in the visual allure of the kernels sizzling over an open flame, you can shuck the corn and lovingly envelop it in a cocoon of aluminium foil.

• Roasting corn in its husk right on the oven rack introduces an entirely different dimension to your culinary adventure. The husk shields the corn from direct heat, resulting in a succulent texture and a harmonious blend of flavours. This method transforms the oven into a haven of aromas, as the corn slowly metamorphoses into a delectable treat.

• Should the hustle and bustle of modern life require a quicker corn fix, the microwave emerges as a handy ally. Encased in its husk, the corn on the cob can be placed in the microwave for a mere 3 to 4 minutes, yielding a swift yet remarkably satisfying outcome that retains the essence of the classic corn experience.

• When it comes to enhancing the flavour profile of corn on the cob, a trio of classic seasonings and condiments takes centre stage. Velvety butter cascading over the kernels adds a rich, indulgent touch, while a delicate sprinkling of salt accentuates the natural sweetness. For those seeking an extra dash of complexity, the addition of finely ground black pepper provides a subtle, warming contrast that elevates the overall taste.


Shimla Hills takes pride in presenting our exquisite Corn on the Cob, sourced from the finest Indian Maize. Our careful selection process involves harvesting the corn during their ‘milk stage’, ensuring that they are picked at the perfect moment to preserve their exceptional crispiness and firmness. This meticulous approach guarantees a delightful texture that bursts with satisfying crunch in every bite, paired with a wonderfully fresh and vibrant flavour that truly embodies the essence of nature’s goodness.


• Ingredients: Our product features individually quick frozen (IQF) corn on the cobs, showcasing a selection of regular sweet varieties.

Appearance: The cobs are meticulously prepared with both ends expertly trimmed, ensuring a polished presentation. The arrangement of kernel rows aligns perfectly along the cobs without any crisscrossing. Each cob maintains its structural integrity, appearing whole and unblemished with no instances of breakage, miscuts, or frost coverage. Notably, the cobs are entirely free from any foreign particles or mineral impurities. Furthermore, there is a distinct absence of husk and silk on the cobs, accentuating their refined appearance.

Colour: The kernels adorning the cobs exhibit a consistent and uniform colouration. Ranging from a delicate light yellow to a vibrant yellow, the hues emphasize the freshness and quality of the corn. Notably, there is no presence of yellowish brown or light brown tones, underscoring the premium nature of the product.

Smell: The aroma exuded by our corn product is distinctly reminiscent of sweet corn, embodying its characteristic and inviting scent. There are no detectable extraneous odours that might detract from the delightful experience.

Taste: Upon tasting, our corn delivers the quintessential essence of sweet corn with a gentle sweetness that is perfectly balanced. The taste profile is inherently pleasant, steering clear of excessive sweetness. Most importantly, there are no unwanted or off-putting flavours, ensuring a consistently enjoyable culinary experience.

A VISIONARY TOMORROW: The journey of corn on cobs is far from its final chapter. Shimla Hills envisages a future where corn’s potential is fully harnessed. Join us on this cornful journey at

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