Upcoming Crop Season

Upcoming Crop Seasons in India

As we embrace the vibrant season of September in India, it’s time to anticipate the bounty of delicious and nutritious fruits that nature has in store for us. Three fruits that stand out during this time are Papayas, Guavas, and Pomegranates. Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect in the upcoming crop seasons.


In September, papayas continue to grace our markets with their sweet and tropical presence. These succulent fruits, known for their rich orange hues and sweet, tropical flavour, are a delightful addition to your diet. In the upcoming season, both red and yellow papaya varieties will be available to cater to your food & beverage recipes.

papaya seasons
  • Papaya Dices / Slices – Red / Yellow : Experience the vibrant taste of papaya in convenient diced or sliced forms. Our red and yellow papaya dices/slices are perfect for snacks, desserts, or other F&B preparations.
  • Papaya Pulp / Puree – Red / Yellow: Unlock the essence of papaya with our luscious pulp and puree. Ideal for beverages, jams, and desserts, our papaya pulp and puree come in both red and yellow variants.
  • Red Papaya Puree Concentrate : For a concentrated burst of papaya goodness, our red papaya puree concentrate is a versatile ingredient for various food and beverage applications.


Guavas, with their unique fragrance and distinctive taste, are another star of the season. September marks the time when guavas come into their prime, offering a juicy and slightly tangy experience. At Shimla Hills, we offer a range of guava products, including IQF guava dices in white and pink varieties, frozen guava juice concentrate, and more. These products capture the essence of guavas at their peak, allowing you to infuse their flavour in your recipes all year-round.

Crop Seasons Guava
  • IQF Guava Dices – White / Pink : Our IQF guava dices are available in both white and pink varieties, making them perfect for smoothies, desserts, and more.
  • Frozen Guava Juice Concentrate : Experience the tangy and sweet notes of guava in our frozen guava juice concentrate, an essential ingredient for refreshing beverages.
  • Frozen Guava Pulp – White : Our frozen guava pulp in white offers the pure, natural taste of guava. Use it to create exotic dessert recipes and beverages that capture the essence of the tropics.
  • Guava Pulp / Puree – White / Pink : Enhance your culinary creations with our guava pulp and puree, available in both white and pink variants. Perfect for jams, sauces, and baked goods.
  • Guava Puree Concentrate – White / Pink : For a concentrated burst of guava flavour, our guava puree concentrate in white and pink variants is a versatile ingredient for various food and beverage applications.


Pomegranates, known for their jewel-like arils packed with sweet and tart juice, are also in season. These nutrient-rich fruits are not only delicious but also offer numerous health benefits. Look out for pomegranate arils and pomegranate juice, both frozen and in concentrated form.

Pomegranates seasons
  • IQF Pomegranate Arils
  • Our IQF pomegranate arils are a convenient way to add the burst of flavour and nutrients of pomegranates to your dishes, from salads to desserts.
  • Frozen Pomegranate Juice – (Single Strength) Cloudy / Clear
  • Experience the refreshing taste of pomegranates in our frozen juice concentrate, available in both cloudy and clear variants.
  • Pomegranate Juice – Cloudy / Clear
  • Our pomegranate juice, whether cloudy or clear, is packed with the goodness of pomegranates. Use it to create delicious beverages and culinary delights.

With the arrival of September, these fruits not only bring joy to our palates but also provide an opportunity for food and beverage enthusiasts to explore their culinary creativity. Shimla Hills, a trusted name in the industry, offers a range of high-quality fruit products, including papaya dices, papaya pulp, IQF guava dices, frozen guava juice concentrate, IQF pomegranate arils, and more. These products are meticulously processed to capture the essence of the fruits at their peak, ensuring freshness and quality in every bite or sip.

Stay tuned to Shimla Hills for an exciting range of fruit-based offerings that make it easy to enjoy the essence of these delightful fruits throughout the year.

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