White vs. Pink Guava Pulp: Explore the Culinary Distinctions

Guavas are popular for their lush, tropical appearance and come in two main varieties: white and pink. The distinctions between these two types of guava pulp become apparent when we delve deep into the culinary realm. After all, both these varieties have distinct tastes, nutrient profiles, and culinary applications. Continue reading the blog to find out details about white vs pink guava pulp.

Understanding the Flavour Profile of Both Guava Varieties

White Guava Pulp

White Guava Pulp’s Flavour Profile

Known as one of India's leading guava pulp manufacturers, Shimla Hills presents its premium processed White Guava Pulp. It has a delicate floral overtone with gentle sweetness. Due to this, it lends a delicate touch to a variety of recipes. Hence, it's perfect for making smoothies, jams, and desserts that need refreshing and adaptable white guava flavour.

Pink Guava Pulp

Pink Guava Pulp’s Flavour Profile

At the opposite end of the scale, Shimla Hills is proud to be a top supplier of Pink Guava Pulp that boasts a pink interior with a strong, zesty flavour. It adds more depth and personality to drinks, sauces, and exotic desserts that need a tropical punch. Hence, it's a go-to option for people who like a stronger guava flavour.

Nutritional Distinctions: A Closer Look

Comparing the nutritional profiles of pink and white guava pulps reveals that both types are highly beneficial to health. This is mainly because they are similar in terms of vitamin C content. Nonetheless, the two varieties set themselves apart with different nutritional profiles.

Celebrated for its subtle sweetness, White Guava Pulp steals the show with a higher antioxidant content. These substances can improve general health since they are essential in combating free radical damage. The cream-colored pulp also has a high vitamin C content, which supports collagen synthesis and the immune system.

Renowned for its intense and zesty flavour, pink guava pulp is rich in components that give it its unique colour and flavour in addition to the health advantages of vitamin C. The bright pink colour signifies the presence of antioxidant-rich carotenoids, flavonoids, and lycopene. These substances have been connected to possible health benefits, such as anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular properties.


Carefully crafted from hand-picked, fully ripe white guavas, processed White Guava Pulp is a versatile addition to the culinary world. Its sweetness and high vitamin C content make it a perfect addition to a variety of culinary creations. White guava pulp improves the flavour and nutritional value of a variety of foods and beverages, including fruit bread, cakes, tarts, muffins, and pie fillings; toppings; cereals; juices; strained fruit; desserts; and fruit drinks.

On the other hand, processed Pink Guava Pulp displays its natural pink colour in a variety of culinary applications. It is extracted and processed from hand-picked, mature, and ripe pink guavas. This kind makes a fascinating base for fruit salad dressings, guava paste, ice creams, sweets, smoothies, cocktails, savoury sauces, and guava-based drinks. Pink guava pulp’s distinct flavour and colour give a wonderful edge to a variety of culinary dishes.

Quality Assurance at Shimla Hills

Being one of India’s top guava pulp manufacturers, Shimla Hills guarantees the best possible quality in both white and pink guava pulp. To preserve the guavas’ original essence, the processing process entails careful stages like cutting, de-stoning, refining, and aseptic packaging. Depending on the variety, the aseptic packing method ensures that the bright pink or cream-white colour will not fade.

Shimla Hills uses international-grade aseptic bags in drums with different-weight polyliners to maintain the quality of their processed guava products. Their internal team inspects every step of the packing process, which takes place in a sterile setting. Customers are guaranteed to obtain superior guava pulp, ready to enhance the flavour and nutritional content of a variety of culinary creations, thanks to this devotion to quality.



Shimla Hills is a dependable source for both the bold vibrancy of processed pink guava pulp and the calm elegance of white guava pulp. Discover new facets of flavour and texture in each meal as you delve deeper into the subtleties of these guava varieties. Visit our website to explore more and place your bulk order.

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