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Shimla Hills Newsletter: Reflecting on the Spectacle from Spring to Summer 2024

“With summer right upon us, let’s savour the flavourful updates from the past three months while welcoming the arrival of our favourite Mango Season 2024.”

With the vibrant hues of summer brightening up the world with refreshing vitality, here is our latest edition of the Shimla Hills newsletter 2024. We’ll take you back on a journey of the past three months, reflecting on our recent endeavours. From the successful participation at Gulf Food 2024 to the lively Holi festivities at our office in Shimla, our year began with excitement and new growth opportunities. Now, we are all set for the mango season 2024 with open arms and hearts full of anticipation.


Let’s dive into the Spring – spring-summer spectacle! 

Embracing New Beginnings

Shimla Hills kicked off the new year with a bang with our triumphant participation at Gulf Food 2024.

Shimla Hills kicks off the season with a bang as we proudly announce our triumphant participation at Gulf Food 2024. We presented our extensive range of premium processed natural fruits (-in the form of pulp/puree, puree concentrate, juice concentrate, and IQF) to a global audience in the lively and bustling halls of Dubai.


Our committed team took advantage of profitable sales opportunities, creating new alliances and enhancing current ones. We made a memorable impression on visitors with our diverse range of cutting-edge products, which included our well-known mango pulp variations. This set the tone for an exciting upcoming season.

Colourful March: A Celebration of Holi and Culinary Excellence

Shimla Hills embraced the lively spirit of Holi in March, spreading the festive joy and colours. Besides the vibrant colours of Holi, we proudly sponsored and participated in the prestigious Chef’s Competition and the dynamic HORECA event at Peterh of Hotel, Shimla. During this event, our chefs showcased their skills using Convenience Food products, such as RTE and RTC products, offered by our brand ShimlaRed. Furthermore, we also exhibited our pulp/puree, puree concentrate, as well as Canned products at the event to captivate visitors from our diverse natural food offerings. 

Welcoming Mango Season 2024 & A Sweet Reunion in Chittoor

With the arrival of summer, our team members gathered in Chittor, Andhra Pradesh, where our experts produce superior-quality processed mango products. Our esteemed managing director, director, and other team members converge to usher in the long-awaited mango season in 2024.

Amidst the aroma of ripe mangoes in lush orchards, we reaffirmed our dedication to providing the best quality mango products to every one of our valued global clients. From the tanginess of Totapuri to aromatic Alphonso, each processed mango offering from Shimla Hills keeps the taste and natural essence of mangoes. This further helps professional chefs and food enthusiasts to create endless culinary creations.

From desserts, candies, jams, and jellies to beverages, there are several applications of our superior quality processed mango offerings. With our passion for perfection and careful attention to detail, we promise to uphold the superior heritage that makes Shimla Hills stand out from others in the industry.

Celebrating 17 Strong Years of Shimla Hills

This May, Shimla Hills proudly commemorated the 17th anniversary of being a leader in the food processing industry. This marks nearly two decades of our commitment to delivering high quality and excellence. We celebrated this milestone with an in-house celebration, gathering all our team members to share their joy and excitement.

Looking ahead, Shimla Hills aims to stay committed to pushing its boundaries of innovation, quality, and excellence to exceed our customer’s expectations. We strive to consistently delight our customers with superior-quality products and unmatched services. With your unwavering support, we are certain that the future holds endless opportunities for success.

Stay tuned with us for more amazing updates and surprises!

– Team Shimla Hills

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