IQF Totapuri Mango Dices

Relishing juicy, perfectly-ripe Totapuri Mango was Never So Easier…

Shimla Hills offers the best quality IQF Totapuri Mango in the form of Dices/Slices/Chunks. While processing the product, strict quality regulations are followed, ensuring that only mangoes of the highest quality and maturity are chosen.


Using an Urschel Dicer, mangoes are cleaned, peeled, and diced. Before packing, the dice are run through a metal detector.

The Totapuri mango ( also known as ginimoothi mango), which has a distinctive parrot-like beak at the fruit’s tip and a greenish-yellow outer skin, is well-known across the world for its flavorful, rich taste. It is widely grown in South India and utilised in a range of culinary applications in the form of pulp, fruit concentrate, or even just slices.

The best-quality IQF Totapuri mangoes are available in sliced form from Shimla Hills. These mangoes are procured directly from well-known farms and brought to you following a thorough quality check. Nothing extra is added.

Slices of our IQF Totapuri mango give your food an extra delightful tropical flavour. These delectable slices are also a wonderful addition to yoghurt and cottage cheese. The decision is ultimately up to you.

Individually Quick Frozen Totapuri Mango Dices / Slices / Chunks 10x10, 15x15, 20x20mm.
Raw Material/Process
Whole Mango (Totapuri) Found Acceptable As Per Our Specification, Purchased From Farm. Mangoes Are Cleaned, Peeled, Diced Using Urschel Dicer And Frozen In Iof Freezer At - 30'c To -35•C. The Dices Are Passed Through Metal Detector Before Packing.
No Food Additives Used.
Physical Parameters
Product Size
Free Flowing Dices Of Sizes 10x10mm / 15x15mm / 20x20mm / Cheeks. The Dices Are Made From Fresh/Frozen Slices Of Semi Ripe Fruit,Vertically Cut. Since The Slices Are Oblong Not All Dices Will Be Completely Uniform In Shape/Size.However Up To 70-75% will Have Two Sides Of The Required Size, 25% Will Be Of Irregular Shape Due To The Geometry Of the Fruit.
Raw Fruit
Less Than 5%
Sensory Analysis
Light To Bright Yellow
Pantone Color Chart No's
100, 101, 102, 106, 107, 108, 109, 113, 114, 115, 121, 122, 128, 129, 1225
Typical Of Semi Ripen Mango
Firm Before Thawing Soft After Thawing
1 Pieces /100 Kg
Rotten/Mouldy Fruits
Other Foreign Bodies
Chemical Analysis
9' - 11'(+/- 1') Brix
Acidity ( Calculated As Citric Acid Monohydrates )
2.9 To 3.5