Frozen Pomegranate Juice

Frozen pomegranate juice contains healthy amount of carbohydrate, protein and vitamins, and has abundant medicinal benefits too including cholesterol control, improved heart health and protection from prostate cancer. Shimla Hills offers absolutely pure frozen pomegranate juice in cloudy and clear forms- extracted from fresh pomegranates grown in South India. Our Cloudy pomegranate juice is extremely healthy for daily human consumption.


Our offered pomegranate juice is prepared using rich quality raw pomegranates which are inspected, cleaned, washed and sorted for extraction of juice. Once the pomegranate juice is extracted, it is stored at controlled temperatures to retain its freshness. The extracted juice bears a vibrant dark red colour and a natural sweet flavour which is characteristic of ripe pomegranates.

One of the most popular fruit juices available, Cloudy Pomegranate juice demands stringent processing and perfect storage conditions to keep the quality optimally maintained. Our Cloudy pomegranate fruit juice is processed in accordance with industry-compliant processing techniques, then packed in drums and stored at freezing temperatures.

We strive to deliver products totally meeting the requirements of our global customers. Our cloudy pomegranate juice has huge demand in domestic & international markets due to its premium flavour, natural colour and aroma. Our pomegranate juice comes to you free of any additives. So, you can rest assured of reaping optimum nutritional goodness of the lovely red fruit in form of juice. Place your bulk order for frozen cloudy pomegranate juice with us.

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Total Soluble Solids (TSS) at 20° C
14 – 16 °Brix
Acidity (as citric acid)
0.25 – 0.38 % W/W
3.3 to 3.5
Foreign Matter
Typical to Fresh Pomegranate Fruit
Dark Red
MS Drum painted wide mouth with Aseptic Bag and polyliner
Net Weight
215 ±1 Kg
Shelf Life & Storage
12 months at normal ambient condition. Store in cool condition and avoid direct sunlight. Ideal storage temperature 4-8° C.