Celebrating 16 Years: A fruitful legacy of Shimla Hills

At Shimla Hills, we stand today in awe and deep gratitude as we are celebrating 16-year journey of growth and success. Our remarkable achievements as a manufacturer and exporter of Fruit purees, Vegetable purees, Juice Concentrates, IQF Fruits & Vegetables, and Agro-commodities are only possible because of our exceptional team members and the unwavering trust and support of our loyal customers. It is to them that we owe our deepest appreciation.

Celebrating 16 Years

Headquartered in the beautiful Himalayan town of Shimla, with offices in Noida and Chittor, and processing facilities in Hyderabad, Chittoor, and Krishnagiri, our journey began in 2007 with a humble order of mushrooms for Israel. Little did we know that this small step would lead us to greater heights. We embarked on a road of continued growth and development in the years that followed, propelled by the dedication and creativity of our team.

Our team’s dedication and expertise are what made our achievements successful. The pillars of our expansion have been their constant dedication to producing goods of the highest calibre, their unrelenting pursuit of excellence, and their innovation. Their commitment, excitement, and loyalty have helped us get where we are today.

However, without the faith and assistance of our devoted clients, our journey would not have been possible. It is their belief in our products and their unwavering loyalty that has propelled us forward. We honour the collaborations we have established and are incredibly appreciative of the associations we have developed over the years. Our customers have been a beacon of light, encouraging us to advance and scale new heights.

We have remained steadfast in our aim to deliver the best fruit and vegetable products through challenges and successes. From the early days of venturing into mango production in 2009 to enhancing our processing setup and improving the quality and packaging of tropical fruits in 2010, we have continuously strived to exceed expectations.

The years that followed brought further milestones, such as the introduction of IQF Fruits in 2012; expanding our global reach by inaugurating offices in Europe, Ukraine, and Myanmar, and venturing into new markets in Japan, the US, South Korea, and beyond. These successes are a result of the hard work and foresight of our team, but they also represent the unwavering confidence and support that our clients have placed in us.

Through it all, our team has worked tirelessly, even during the trying times of the global pandemic in 2020. While everything else slowed down, we continued working to offer the highest-quality food ingredients whilst upholding the toughest safety and hygiene regulations. Our team’s resilience and commitment shone through, demonstrating their unwavering dedication to our customers and their well-being.

Celebrating 16 Years

In 2021, we embarked on an innovative journey to further strengthen our supply chain management. The introduction of innovative totes and Octabin packaging for frozen food items showcased our determination to enhance efficiency and meet the evolving needs of our customers. These developments were sparked by the priceless input and suggestions received from our beloved clients, who have always been at the centre of our decision-making process.

We look forward with anticipation to what the future has in store for us. The unveiling of our brand-new food processing endeavour, ShimlaRed in 2022 signifies our commitment to constant innovation and growth. We are convinced that this new chapter will lead to even bigger successes and offer up new prospects for us to serve you better with the ongoing support and confidence of our team members and global customers. Together, we will continue to shape a brighter future, pushing boundaries, and setting new benchmarks in the fruit and vegetable processing industry.

Thank you! We appreciate your support in this inspiring journey of ours. Here’s to the next chapter of growth, success, and shared achievements!

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