Safflower Seeds

Reap the Nutritious Goodness of Quality Safflower Seeds!

Safflower is an annual plant with many branches that resembles a thistle and is raised commercially for the manufacture of vegetable oil. Safflower seeds of the highest quality are available in Shimla Hills and are perfect for making oil and other cookery preparations.


Our Safflower seeds, which have a solid texture and a little pale white colour, tell volumes about their superior quality. These are ideal for creating cooking oil that is low in saturated fats and high in vitamin E. Despite being tasteless and colourless, this oil may also be used as salad dressing.

With a maximum oil concentration of 48% in our safflower seeds, more oil will be produced from every 100 grammes of crushed seeds. Nutritionally speaking, safflower seed oil offers similar advantages to sunflower oil, such as lowered cholesterol and enhanced heart health.

Our safflower seeds are a good source of nourishment (fibre, fat, and protein), making them a good choice for bird feed as well. Safflower seeds are popular with many bird species, including Purple Finches and Red-bellied Woodpeckers, hence bird breeding facilities usually keep an excess supply on hand.

You must have realised by this point how our safflower seeds may meet your specific needs, whether they be for bird food or edible oil. Safflower seeds are readily available in our fresh inventory, and they are best shipped to clients worldwide in 25 kg and 50 kg packing. You may get the safflower seeds in the packaging of your choice.

Machine Cleaned – 99% Purity
Oil Content :46 – 48%
Other Seeds:1%
Packaging:50 kgs, 25 kgs
Sortex Cleaned – 99.9% Purity 
Oil Content :46 – 48%  
Other Seeds:0.10 %
Loadibility :19 Mton/20′ FCL
Packaging:50 kgs, 25 kgs