Mustard Seeds

Trusted Mustard Seeds Suppliers

In India, mustard is frequently referred to as “sarson.” They are a popular condiment all over the world thanks to their fragrant scent and healthy oil content.


High-quality, flavorful, and aromatic mustard seeds are produced and packaged by Shimla Hills. The mustard seeds form the cornerstone of French cuisine and dominate Indian and Southern Asian cooking as well . Three types of these seeds—black, yellow, and white—are offered on a global scale.

When cooked in oil, mustard seeds from Shimla Hills have a lovely, nutty flavour. These may be used to make salad dressing, pickles, egg dishes, cheese dishes, and dishes with mixed vegetables. Dijon Mustard, made from mustard seeds, has long been an integral part of the hotdog and café cultures.

Shimla Hills, a reputable provider and exporter of mustard seeds, is cognizant of its customers’ needs and has built a reputation for offering high-quality mustard seeds. These seeds are packaged in woven P.P. bags, but there is also a customized packaging option available based on the client’s requirements.

Moisture:6 to 7 % max
Impurity:0.5% max
Broken:2% Max
Packing:25/ 50 pp woven bags or as per customer requirement